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Noonwaverecords is specialised in producing various electronic music, especially synthpop, ambient, spacesynth, trance and general experimental dance music . Here you can find all information and news about NOONWAVERECORDS, Anosphere, Stefan Bieri and his other projects.


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The new CD album "Anosphere - Flight To Planet 5"
NWRCD007 P + C by Stefan Bieri / NOONWAVERECORDS 2014

Anosphere - Flight To Planet 5

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Twins Natalia - The Destiny Room / Anna Logue Records - Anna 048
Fred Ventura - Italoconnection / Space Sound Records - SSR00031
Bellatrix - Transmission / Space Sound Records - SSR00030
Galactic Warriors - Under Attack / Space Sound Records - SSR00029
Synthesis - Galaxy Fighters / Space Sound Records - SSR00025

Now in our webshop from SP Records

From Russia With Italo Disco vol. VII (double CD) / SP Records - SP0016
From Russia With Italo Disco vol. VI / SP Records - SP 0013
Boris Zhivago - The Last Goodbye / SP Records - SP 0012
Alan Brando Project: The Second Experiment / SP Records - SP0014

Available in our webshop from Anna Logue Records:

OUT NOW and available in our shop

Watch the "One and All" promo video from EONWORKS with great scifi and space artworks.

Art by Dawid Michalczyk EONWORKS / music by Anosphere, taken from 4. CD album "One and All", many thanks to Dawid for this great promo-video!


Watch a amazing promo video of Saudade "Like You (Endless Shame Mix)" from the maxisingle ADDCD1301 Adifferentdrum.

Anosphere - Star Convention - 3d image

Watch the new promo video from EONWORKS with his great scifi and space artworks. Its a colorful fusion of sound and vision!

Art by Dawid Michalczyk EONWORKS / music by Anosphere "Star Convention" taken from the first album "Field of Mutants".

Discover the future in sound and vision and watch the new space art slideshow from EONWORKS here on NOONWAVERECORDS!

Art made by Dawid Michalczyk / music made by ANOSPHERE "EXPANDING COSMIC AWARENESS" from the forthcoming 3. ANOSPHERE album "Nation of Love"

Watch a beautiful space art slide-show here on Noonwaverecords! Art made by (Dawid Michalczyk) / music composed by Anosphere! © Stefan Bieri - Picture © Dawid Michalczyk EONWORKS - Design & programing © Audioenergy Music Productions